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===  diorama  ===
trainzpotting mainmenu trs19

.. sometimes in the trainzforum i see reactions to the decoration and/or layout of the trs19 mainmenu, before and after the change ..
it could be a challenge to inspire n3v with our own visions about the view and possiblities of that important entry point .. i know, it is just a brief view, because it is the start to the next station : after starting trainz in the launcher it is usually immediately followed by the next choice on this main switch ... but sometimes, like i do, it is or could be a nice background on your screen, while doing something else ... especially when there are more animations, except flying birds, swirling dust and swaying flora .. perhaps a passing favorite loc or even a whole consist ... like sitting in your rocking chair on the heated patio or wintered balcony ... and also with the option to change the view ..

let me show you my vision :
- 1st i cloned the <kuid2:661281:200003:28> TRS19 Main Menu Route in content manager / content / clone (ctrl d)
- changed the filter of content manager to "open for editing"
- rightclicked the "new asset" and open .. edit config file text ..
- in config.txt i changed privileges / permit-xxx = 1 .. and .. username = 00 Main Menu 21 ...
- rightclicked the "new asset" and "submit edits" ..
- now i have an editable "route" .. remember : it's still "modified, payware" and therefore not mergeable ... nor interchangeable ..

- next i "moved" the scene closer to the edge (as i always do in my diorama concept) by copy + paste .. and deleted 1 ground ..
- i filled the board with 2 portals (in and out), tracks, buildings, textures, etc ...
- as the original display shows "seasonal" tracks, textures etc i created a winter vision ... the name of the assets assumes the
time of the year ... but it isn't : changing the month in the environments don't show any season .. but if you put the snow altitude to or below 0, your world is suddenly snowy .. i made a session with that setting ..

let me challenge you : show n3v your interpretation of the main menu ... so that they can make their choices ...