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diorama junkyardwater

diorama volvo ce

diorama 4 in 1

diorama cityshunt 1

diorama cityshunt 2

diorama jr induxity

diorama jr induxity 19

diorama davesnow

diorama silverline

diorama : ng limestone overgrown

diorama : philskene's kab4word

diorama : blast down under

... from T:ANE to TSR19 ...

diorama : expo loc'm

diorama : high joe

diorama : urban heroes

diorama : volvo ce 19

exception :
... just 1 side of 4 ...
for the purpose of an animated backscreen for a small layout shunting modeltrack
... a combination of real & sim ...

diorama : volvo ce 20

exception updated :

... at first i used a "payware" board by cloning the "content sample" board ...
... it needed to be revised by using my own "new template", so i could merge it with other layouts ...
... i also made the other sides drivable / usable 
by merging & updating the 2 sides of the old diorama "volvo ce" (see top of this page) and adding a new side : backdoor yard ...

... so now it is not an exception anymore and it meets my basic concept (4 in 1) and i can still use it for the same purpose as before: an animated backscreen for a small layout shunting modeltrack ... now with more variations and more ai-trains ...

diorama giraud : ami de france

diorama oknotsen : oresund bridge 2 valley

diorama : heart2hendee

diorama heart2hendee is made in trainz trs19 worldedition 105096 (build 4.6) ... the download is a cdp-file as-it-is, what means :
- containing payware*, so there can be missings** ! ... 
- without safetyrules, signs and crossing protection
(not yet my skills ..)
- with 2 portals functioning ...
- ... and a lot of fun ...

* payware =
- from routes which are not in your regionedition, like canadian rocky mountains or ecml edinburgh or sebino lake
- from jointedrail.com like route legacy of the burling northern v2 or club-car-content
** missings, other than payware : find them eventually with trainkuidindex (annual contribution required ..)

download diorama : heart2hendee download session h2h - consists
download daveregion download session h2h - roadtrain
download dependencies pdf  

diorama : itsa factory

... in this diorama i wanted to build 1 large factory hall, with several companies along the railz ... using the walls/fascia for modelroad railroads by philskene and euromodeller ... and for the facades i used some complete buildings and / or separate parts like the build-a-facility assets by davesnow ...
i tried to reskin a fascia with bricks / stones, but i couldn't manage the rescaling from "huge" to model/real scale ... so, i fixed my needs by reskinning more easy stuff, starting with the decals from rudefx and later billboards, signs, splines, scenery (trucks, trailers, bikes etc) ...

reskinned assets :

decals - by rudefx <kuid2:455526:100044:2> graffiti fx 02; reskinned by changing graffiti02sm.tga ... 512 x 512
billboard - animated .. by steve alpaugh (yukonzoom) <kuid2:206307:1151:1>; reskinned by changing logo ads.tga ... 1024 x 341 (3x)
billboard - large day/night .. double by davesnow <kuid:101046:106878>; reskinned by changing billboard art 01.tga ... 817 x 226 (4x)
billboard - day .. by mike cyr (22alpha), skinned by felix_g (jointedrail) <kuid2:200687:120013:1>; reskinned by changing day_billboard.tga ... 995 x 390 (2x)
billboard - jr generic .. by mike cyr (22alpha); reskinned by editing lpbillboard.tga ... tga (968 x 336) is stretched ...
billboard - big .. by majekear <kuid2:56063:30082:1>; reskinned by changing signboard.tga ... 390 x 185
warehouse sign - by mike cyr (22alpha) (jointedrail) <kuid2:175455:100507:1>; reskinned by changing map1.tga ... 944 x 288
embankment - by clam <kuid:425700:100631>; reskinned by changing wall13.tga and grass08.tga (= roof) ... 524 x 524
retaining wall - by chwerwick <kuid2:243555:30101:1>; reskinned by changing spundwand.tga

bike - by sholborn <kuid:93112:3035743> Cuk-Harley-Davidson; reskinned by changing bike_d.jpg
train - by alcaron <kuid2:302662:10801:6> AS-Truck (1) Peterbilt 379; reskinned by changing truck1a/b.jpg

truck - by willem2 <kuid2:97008:29039:1> DAF FX 105; reskinned by changing truckmap.tga + sct logo.tga
vehicle - by steven alpaugh (yukonzoom) <kuid:206307:11050> KW T660; reskinned by changing 5x .tga ...
trailer - by fdc <kuid:83385:221>; reskinned by changing harleytrailer.tga ...
trailer - by dinorius_redundicus <kuid2:68213:29165:1>; reskinned by changing company name transparency.tga
trailer - by lookseek <kuid2:341856:1287:2> (original by dinorius_redundicus); reskinned by changing company name transparency.tga
trailer - by davesnow <kuid:101046:104776>; reskinned by changing 45 foot trailer art.tga... (1893 x 461)
drum - by knifeswitch1 <kuid:178126:101197> 44 Gal Drum (original antar howarth (perchpole)); reskinned by changing

procedure decal :
in contentmanager :
- click asset
- content/clone (= ctrl+d) => there appear a "new asset" ...
- right-click new asset : open / show in explorer (= crtl+e)
- open xxxx.tga with paint.net (or another image editor) and make your changes
- save xxxx.tga (no compression)
- open config.txt : change username and add your name behind original author as reskinner ..
- save config.txt
- open assetx, click xxxx.im and make thumbnail (bottom part: 2nd icon in the middle)
- close assetx
- explorer : change $screenshot$.jpg into original name of thumbnailimage
- close explorer
- right-click new asset : submit edits (= ctrl+shft+e)
- to see your result : right-click your asset : open / preview asset (= ctrl+shft+r)

procedure billboard - jr generic :
in paint.net : 
- img size to 336 high ...
- canvas size to 968 wide ...
- image 90* turn to the right ...
- copy & paste as a layer ...
- put in place and scale with 1 side ...

diorama : crackit

... cracked earth with exposed veins of life and puzzling railways from t to z
with historical highlights (the blackdiamondbranche and the mcguirelline) and some industrial buildings from east europea & russia (the iron curtain district) ...

in my previous dioramas i used the geographical coordinations of the place where i live now ; in this diorama i changed it into the latitude and longitude of my birthplace by editing the world origin in edit environment / location ... i got those data with the website https://www.gps-coordinaten.nl/ ... you can also try : https://www.mapsdirections.info/ (multiple languages) ...

as these gps coordinates are nearer the equator, the light is almost right above me and i don't have such a dark northern side as it is here in the netherlands ... and also the bright white assets are more contrasting and not just a white reflective surface ...
i want to change all my dioramas now in these more colorfull settings ...

=== the dark northern in my previous gsm settings ===
(... see the difference in pic 15 of the gallery ...)

diorama : table fable

... after "finishing" the trilogy-in-coronatime i realized that i had to inventory my purchases and downloads of the last six months ... instead of doing it in a datasheet i got the inspiration by telling a fable to my grankid (4) and seeing a pic of don49plm : his double trouble roundhouse blues ...
so, i imitated that proposal with his tbs 130' roundhouse kit (presented by thebackshop) ... i think he used an other version if i compare the windows and the color of the roundhouse ... and i couldn't recognize that little building in the front, nor the backyard engine- or warehouse, so i used another one ... as a puzzling shortliner addict i added the 90 ft transfertable of bendorsey and an industrial shuntsection ...
... at the same time i wanted to re-promote the great idea of oknotsen in 2015: his m120 module ...
i experimented with his idea and my basic concept ( = 4 dioramas on 1 board) :
- reinstalled his M120 - module example 1 (1 baseboard, basic) <kuid2:645812:12005:2>
- deleted the hall-layer
- deleted 2 grounds (baseboards) in the north and south
- copied the rectangle between the digholes
- replaced it without rotation in the south and with 180' rotation in the north
- deleted the rulers
- deleted the digholes
- heighted ground to value 0.00
- saved new route and session
- exited surveyor
- edited my route (template)
- merged saved new route
- deleted my ground
- saved as ....
... now i have a new template with connections in the north and south to other boards in my conditions (environment settings and effect layers) ...

the fable : the cricket and the ant ...
grasshopper (not david carradine) has spent the summer singing while the ant worked hard to store up food for winter .. when that season arrives, the grasshopper finds itself dying of hunger and begs the ant for food ... however, the ant rebukes its idleness and tells it to dance the winter away now .... (wikipedia)
translated : i cricketycrack in the fall of my life : hardrockin' and quicheatin' ...
moral : in fables is no judgment made ... so, put on your red shoes and dance the blues ... (david bowie)

the inventory
double roundhouse : left showroom is filled with procured steamers from different suppliers in the 1st 5 months of 2020 and the right showroom is completely claimed by all the k&ltrainztuff : stevelerro ...
transfertable : setup with all my slugs and railcarmovers, some crap, a junkyard and collected diesels in the past months ...

overview :
- south : double roundhouse as a showroom ... and a transfer table as a puzzle game
- east : yard for assembling consists
- north : industrial yard
- west : my humble retreat spot ... to contemplate wrinkles on my mind

diorama : silver snowline

- south : caterpillar establishment , greyhound busstation , slrr 2-8-8-2 + slrr 2-10-2 , various wagon consists , avalanche activities , frozen river ...
- east : standby mwpx loc with snowplow , dnwp 116 class 2-8-0 consist , mow location
- north : woodchips plant , shay lima class b28-2 , bunkhouse settlement , end of "unfixable dilapidated track" , eagle "frozen" river excursion , village
- east : shuntyard with several companies , c&o kanawha k4 , slrr sw1500 , plymouth ml8 switcher , crap industrail sw1500 , various wagon/car consists

diorama : evergladz

... in 2017 i made some layouts in t:ane and tmr ... one of them was a copy of my real modelrailroad in the bedroom of my maisonette : berkelman ...
first in the wellknown model railroadz style (left) and later in a more my own style : dioramalook (right) ...

... in trs19 i transformed it into the present diorama style ... and renamed it : evergladz ...

flashback : modeltrainz berkelman 2017

flashback : diorama berkelman isle 2017