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trainsimulation: TS12 / TMR17 / T:ANE / TRS19

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diorama junkyardwater

diorama volvo ce

diorama 4 in 1

diorama cityshunt 1

diorama cityshunt 2

diorama jr induxity

diorama jr induxity 19

diorama silverline

diorama davesnow

diorama ng limestone overgrown

diorama philskene's kab4word

diorama blast down under

... from T:ANE to TSR19 ...

diorama expo loc'm

diorama high joe

diorama urban heroes

diorama volvo ce 19

exception :
... just 1 side of 4 ...
for the purpose of an animated backscreen for a small layout shunting modeltrack
... a combination of real & sim ...

diorama giraud : ami de france

diorama oknotsen : oresund bridge 2 valley

diorama : heart2hendee

diorama heart2hendee is made in trainz trs19 worldedition 105096 (build 4.6) ... the download is a cdp-file as-it-is, what means :
- containing payware*, so there can be missings** ! ... 
- without safetyrules, signs and crossing protection
(not yet my skills ..)
- with 2 portals functioning ...
- ... and a lot of fun ...

* payware =
- from routes which are not in your regionedition, like canadian rocky mountains or ecml edinburgh or sebino lake
- from jointedrail.com like route legacy of the burling northern v2 or club-car-content
** missings, other than payware : find them eventually with trainkuidindex (annual contribution required ..)

download diorama : heart2hendee download session h2h - consists
download daveregion download session h2h - roadtrain
download dependencies pdf