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trainsimulation: TS12 / TMR17 / T:ANE / TRS19

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diorama junkyardwater

diorama volvo ce

diorama 4 in 1

diorama cityshunt 1

diorama cityshunt 2

diorama jr induxity

diorama jr induxity 19

diorama silverline

diorama davesnow

diorama ng limestone overgrown

diorama philskene's kab4word

diorama blast down under

... from T:ANE to TSR19 ...

diorama expo loc'm

diorama high joe

diorama urban heroes

diorama volvo ce 19

exception :
... just 1 side of 4 ...
for the purpose of an animated backscreen for a small layout shunting modeltrack
... a combination of real & sim ...

diorama volvo ce 20

exception updated :

... at first i used a "payware" board by cloning the "content sample" board ...
... it needed to be revised by using my own "new template", so i could merge it with other layouts ...
... i also made the other sides drivable / usable 
by merging & updating the 2 sides of the old diorama "volvo ce" (see top of this page) and adding a new side : backdoor yard ...

... so now it is not an exception anymore and it meets my basic concept (4 in 1) and i can still use it for the same purpose as before: an animated backscreen for a small layout shunting modeltrack ... now with more variations and more ai-trains ...

diorama giraud : ami de france

diorama oknotsen : oresund bridge 2 valley

diorama : heart2hendee

diorama heart2hendee is made in trainz trs19 worldedition 105096 (build 4.6) ... the download is a cdp-file as-it-is, what means :
- containing payware*, so there can be missings** ! ... 
- without safetyrules, signs and crossing protection
(not yet my skills ..)
- with 2 portals functioning ...
- ... and a lot of fun ...

* payware =
- from routes which are not in your regionedition, like canadian rocky mountains or ecml edinburgh or sebino lake
- from jointedrail.com like route legacy of the burling northern v2 or club-car-content
** missings, other than payware : find them eventually with trainkuidindex (annual contribution required ..)

download diorama : heart2hendee download session h2h - consists
download daveregion download session h2h - roadtrain
download dependencies pdf  

diorama : itsa factory

... in this diorama i wanted to build 1 large factory hall, with several companies along the railz ... using the walls/fascia for modelroad railroads by philskene and euromodeller ... and for the facades i used some complete buildings and / or separate parts like the build-a-facility assets by davesnow ...
i tried to reskin a fascia with bricks / stones, but i couldn't manage the rescaling from "huge" to model/real scale ... so, i fixed my needs by reskinning more easy stuff, starting with the decals from rudefx and later billboards, signs, splines, scenery (trucks, trailers, bikes etc) ...

reskinned assets :

decals - by rudefx <kuid2:455526:100044:2> graffiti fx 02; reskinned by changing graffiti02sm.tga ... 512 x 512
billboard - animated .. by steve alpaugh (yukonzoom) <kuid2:206307:1151:1>; reskinned by changing logo ads.tga ... 1024 x 341 (3x)
billboard - large day/night .. double by davesnow <kuid:101046:106878>; reskinned by changing billboard art 01.tga ... 817 x 226 (4x)
billboard - day .. by mike cyr (22alpha), skinned by felix_g (jointedrail) <kuid2:200687:120013:1>; reskinned by changing day_billboard.tga ... 995 x 390 (2x)
billboard - jr generic .. by mike cyr (22alpha); reskinned by editing lpbillboard.tga ... tga (968 x 336) is stretched ...
billboard - big .. by majekear <kuid2:56063:30082:1>; reskinned by changing signboard.tga ... 390 x 185
warehouse sign - by mike cyr (22alpha) (jointedrail) <kuid2:175455:100507:1>; reskinned by changing map1.tga ... 944 x 288
embankment - by clam <kuid:425700:100631>; reskinned by changing wall13.tga and grass08.tga (= roof) ... 524 x 524
retaining wall - by chwerwick <kuid2:243555:30101:1>; reskinned by changing spundwand.tga

bike - by sholborn <kuid:93112:3035743> Cuk-Harley-Davidson; reskinned by changing bike_d.jpg
train - by alcaron <kuid2:302662:10801:6> AS-Truck (1) Peterbilt 379; reskinned by changing truck1a/b.jpg

truck - by willem2 <kuid2:97008:29039:1> DAF FX 105; reskinned by changing truckmap.tga + sct logo.tga
vehicle - by steven alpaugh (yukonzoom) <kuid:206307:11050> KW T660; reskinned by changing 5x .tga ...
trailer - by fdc <kuid:83385:221>; reskinned by changing harleytrailer.tga ...
trailer - by dinorius_redundicus <kuid2:68213:29165:1>; reskinned by changing company name transparency.tga
trailer - by lookseek <kuid2:341856:1287:2> (original by dinorius_redundicus); reskinned by changing company name transparency.tga
trailer - by davesnow <kuid:101046:104776>; reskinned by changing 45 foot trailer art.tga... (1893 x 461)
drum - by knifeswitch1 <kuid:178126:101197> 44 Gal Drum (original antar howarth (perchpole)); reskinned by changing

procedure decal :
in contentmanager :
- click asset
- content/clone (= ctrl+d) => there appear a "new asset" ...
- right-click new asset : open / show in explorer (= crtl+e)
- open xxxx.tga with paint.net (or another image editor) and make your changes
- save xxxx.tga (no compression)
- open config.txt : change username and add your name behind original author as reskinner ..
- save config.txt
- open assetx, click xxxx.im and make thumbnail (bottom part: 2nd icon in the middle)
- close assetx
- explorer : change $screenshot$.jpg into original name of thumbnailimage
- close explorer
- right-click new asset : submit edits (= ctrl+shft+e)
- to see your result : right-click your asset : open / preview asset (= ctrl+shft+r)

procedure billboard - jr generic :
in paint.net : 
- img size to 336 high ...
- canvas size to 968 wide ...
- image 90* turn to the right ...
- copy & paste as a layer ...
- put in place and scale with 1 side ...

diorama : crackit

... cracked earth with exposed veins of life and puzzling railways from t to z
with historical highlights (the blackdiamondbranche and the mcguirelline) and some industrial buildings from east europea & russia (the iron curtain district) ...

in my previous dioramas i used the geographical coordinations of the place where i live now ; in this diorama i changed it into the latitude and longitude of my birthplace by editing the world origin in edit environment / location ... i got those data with the website https://www.gps-coordinaten.nl/ ... you can also try : https://www.mapsdirections.info/ (multiple languages) ...

as these gps coordinates are nearer the equator, the light is almost right above me and i don't have such a dark northern side as it is here in the netherlands ... and also the bright white assets are more contrasting and not just a white reflective surface ...
i want to change all my dioramas now in these more colorfull settings ...

=== the dark northern in my previous gsm settings ===
(... see the difference in pic 15 of the gallery ...)